mollie parks makeup artist

Take your risk. Unleash your inner rockstar. Use your makeup to shine.

All of your life, you’ve never fix in any box. You are unique and creative believing that the world is yours for the taking. Inside of you beats a passion for dreaming, for community and for connection that is authentic and real. You are the definition of a badass woman.

My name is Mollie and I think you’re a total babe. Your beauty is yours to own.

I am a freelance makeup artist specializing in special event makeup, one-on-one makeup lessons and personal makeup shopping for the every-day woman.

Maybe you have buckets of makeup that you don’t really know how to use. Maybe you’re not sure what colors look good. Maybe winged eyeliner is really throwing you for a loop. Girl, get off Pinterest and get in my arms.

Together, we’ll help you understand makeup and cannonball into just how much makeup is your artistic expression. Whether, we meet in your home, you come to mine or we virtually meet, we’ll give you all the technical know-how you need to rock it.

We’ll practice together giving you all the information, skills and encouragement you need to empower yourself to be your own makeup queen, as well as get rid of the intimidation that stops you from stepping in front of your mirror.

Makeup does not cover you up. It is your expression. Knowing how to use it unleashes your creativity. Learning how to rock it is your freedom.

Makeup is how you paint yourself to the world.

So, what are you going to say?


 I’m a dream pursuer who left everything I knew in Arkansas to create a life in New York City. As an adventurer at heart, I like to seek out fun in the small and big things in life.

I currently work film and fashion in New York City. I’ve assisted on projects for Seventeen Magazine, Prevention Magazine, People Magazine, Free People, and on Lifetime’s feature film, ‘Seasons of Love’.

I know makeup and I know what freedom it brings.