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mollie parks makeup artist

I empower women to lead creative, authentic lives through the use of makeup.

Whether you are a business owner, a lawyer, a designer, or a work at home mom, people see you every day. Your look is important—not because it’s your only value (hint: it’s NOT) but because it tells a story of who you are. What are you telling the world by looking your best and being confident? More importantly, what are you telling yourself when you look in the mirror and see a shining, confident smile? You are saying “I am confident, I am capable, I am strong, I value myself.” Makeup is just a component of that equation. It’s not something to toil over only to feel defeated and deflated.

I firmly believe all women have the potential to feel beautiful because all women are beautiful.

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Different Packages I Offer

Hands-On Makeup Lesson

I want to you to do be able to do your makeup at home-with confidence! In the comfort of your home, I will help you discover the fun and power in makeup. The products are merely tools. This session includes a hands on makeup lesson, skincare basics, an overview of makeup brush types + care, an assessment of your current makeup collection, a face chart with detailed instructions to recreate the look, and a list of possible future items to purchase.

Whether you want to brush up on a technique, create a whole a new look for yourself, or are a makeup novice and don’t know where to begin, I am here to help. You will leave the lesson feeling more beautiful (you’ll be surprised how little actual makeup it takes to enhance your face!) and fully capable of tackling your face each day that you choose to apply makeup (but no actual tackling please).

The Shopping Experience

Makeup stores are overwhelming and full of products that scream “you need me in order to be beautiful”. However, you don’t need them all. But how to choose? This is where I come in. I will be the voice of reason + the artist that picks the colors that will make you shine. Together we will navigate the walls of products choosing what is best for your budget, lifestyle, and look. You can safely ask all the questions you’ve wanted without getting a salesperson’s version of the answer. I’m a freelancer! I’m not trying to sell any particular brand. The information I give comes from years of research and implementation. You’ll come out ahead because once you know what’s best for you, you’ll stop buying items you don’t need!

Special Event

Have a special occasion and want to look your best for it? Be it a wedding, a birthday party, New Year’s, a night at the opera, bachelorette party, or a date with your significant other, this makeup application allows you to be in the ease of your home. All you have to do is sit for a spell and voila, you’ll be ready to party. Whether your style is laid back, barely there makeup or glamorous hollywood star, I tailor my work to fit you.

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