Mollie Parks is a NYC based professional makeup artist who starred in three Arkansas-based Lord of the Rings movies as a teen with her other homeschool friends. If she had a time machine, Mollie would go back and do makeup on all three of those other Lord of the Rings movies.

Mollie is shockingly well-adjusted, promise.

When I was little, I absolutely loved watching movies. Sometimes I'd watch the same movie over and over, studying the hair and makeup—the whole look. Thank goodness I eventually learned that people got paid to do makeup, and that was it for me. I was hooked. Straight after college, I left Arkansas to create a new life in New York City. Six+ years later, I love working in Film, TV, Print, Editorial; I love teaching makeup technique to women from all walks of life, and I really love my adopted city.

Recent credits include Refinery 29, Free People, as well as assisting on projects for Adidas, Cocoon Magazine, Ebony, Kate Spade, Bustle, and Popsugar.